Welcome to My Website

After a long delay, I am finally uploaded new photos to the website. To date several hundred new photos have been added.

NOTE: There is an error with the photo view in the 'Locations' page that is currently being fixed.

The newest, and flagship, album is Japan Fall 2010. This includes photos from Cape Shiriya at the northern end of the main Japanese 'Home Island' of Honshu to capital of Tokyo to Hiroshima in the south. This album includes the area severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami several months later. Also present are some photos from South Korea and some aerial photos of Alaska.

Besides this, my newest albums are:
-Southern Ontario Spring 2010
-New England Spring 2010
-Hamilton Airshow 2010
-Southern Ontario Summer 2010
-Central Ontario Summer 2010
-Ohio & Michigan 2010 (with a focus on the USAF Museum and the Dayton Airshow)


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